Social responsibility

Our commitment to be an accountable partner in the value chain includes a belief in social responsibility and community development projects

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Bunge participates in and sponsors activities that support communities where we operate around the world.?



Funda??o Bunge

Since 1955, the Bunge Foundation (Fundacao Bunge) has been supporting social investments in Brazil, overseeing the realization of projectes that contribute to the development of local communities. In 2019, over USD $1.3 million was provided to community-level efforts across Brazil.

Recent projects

  • Comunidade Integrada, a sustainable land development program conducted in 2019 in two states: Para? (Barcarena and Itaituba) and Mato Grosso (Rondono?polis).
  • Project REDES, which values young people and people with disabilities by integrating the Municipal Government, private initiative, Third Sector entities and education and training institutions in the city of Rondono?polis.
  • Fundac?a?o Bunge Award, created to encourage innovation and dissemination of knowledge, it is awarded annually to prominent personalities in several fields of Science, Literature and Arts in the country in two categories: Life and Work (recognition of the consolidated work of a specialist) and Youth (incentive for young talents). In 2019 the award was granted in the following areas: AGRARIAN (Family Farming) and ARTS (Visual Street Art).

Academia Bunge

With units in Sa?o Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Recife, Academia Bunge works as a technical improvement center to assist bakeries, restaurants and pastry shops across Brazil with recipes, tips and nutritional information to further enhance their business. With the support of chefs specializing in bakery, confectionery, cuisine and industry, we guarantee not only the best products, but also information so that customers can achieve maximum performance throughout the transformation process, until it becomes a final product.

2019 highlights:

  • 17,000 professionals trained
  • 28,000 participants in workshops and lectures
  • 79% of hours spent in consulting

Shea Rollers in West Africa

Since 2016 Bunge Loders Croklaan has provided shea rollers to aid women in collecting the shea nuts in the field. This roller is an innovation which has its origins in New Zealand’s walnut sector and enhances the collecting activity by making it possible not to bend, crouch or kneel, as well as carry less weight. Bunge Loders Croklaan was the first major buyer to introduce the rollers. Several NGO’s have also started using the rollers. As a result of the successful distribution in 2016-2017, Bunge Loders Croklaan decided to distribute an additional 300 rollers to women groups in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Benin.

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